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Graham Bennett

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Graham Bennett

Graham Bennett has contributed to over 50 group exhibitions both in New Zealand and overseas, including international drawing at the Joan Miro Foundation (Spain) and contemporary metals exhibition (Memphis, USA). He has embarked on several collaborative projects with NZ craftspeople and with a Japanese print-maker; designed sets for theatre productions of Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty Four", Sophocles' "Electra" and Brecht's "Mahagonny" for the University Theatre in Christchurch and lectured on aspects of art and design education at a number of public forums in New Zealand.

"Seeing, is not just a matter of perceiving that things are 2D or 3D, animate or inanimate, but understanding how and why everything relates - past and present, above and below, natural and imposed, private and public - all the elements, and then to take cognizance of all this and pare it down to the core, the necessary, in relation to the possible and to recognize and accept that this will, in itself, and like life, always involve change and uncertainty.

"I think it takes a lifetime to see. Seeing is standing upright and looking back and forward at the impact of our endeavours in relation to one another, the land and what notions of identity we hold. My art explores my personal questions, arguments with myself and my materials, and maybe, hopefully, encourages other to question and comment."

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